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Oslo to molde train

In an age of conflict, manipulation and control, an open mind is crucial to navigate the half-truths and outright lies. This is what the critics said: Eclipse

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Trondheim gdansk

Palubn perosnl, velmi pjemn. My jsme letli s Norwegian z Vdn do Molde. Kdo chtl proleel cel dopoledne a pak jsme erstv vyrazili na dal to sice

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Seven ski

In 2014 Ryan Waters became the first American to complete True Adventurers Grand Slam by skiing full length, unsupported and unassisted North and South Pole expeditions and

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Ham radio repeaters

ham radio repeaters

maps api by K5EHX. Ham Radio repeaters list - Ham Radio repeaters list entered and modified by users. It is used to prevent a repeater from responding to unwanted signals or interference. Everyone can submit new repeater details, edit exiting repeater details Hits: 84 Votes: 0 Rating:.00 RFinder Worldwide Repeater Directory - The only worldwide amateur radio repeater directory. RU3 430.075,0.6 MHz 79,7 GR JN53LD.

Repeaters : Radio repeater lists world wide links - The HAM, radio 101 - Intro to, repeaters - Geek Prepper Repeaters in Italy - IW5EDI Simone Colorado Western Slope, repeaters, ham, radio, answers

Lesson 67 Special Activities Modes and Techniques. They are recommended offsets for a particular area. RU8 430.200,0.6 MHz LU JN53HW. R4a 145.712,5 -600 kHz GR JN52SU. RU0a 430.012,5.6 MHz FI, rU1a 430.037,5.6 MHz AR JN53TP. Standard Repeater Input/Output Offsets, band Offset 6 meters overflytting barnehage trondheim 1 MHz 2 meters 600 kHz.25 meters .6 MHz 70 cm 5 MHz 33 cm 12 MHz 23 cm 20 MHz (Note that input/output offsets are voluntary among local and regional Frequency Coordination Groups. Look just above the telephone lines and you will see much larger aluminum cable. It handles repeater station ID using either CW or voice, activates the transmitter at the appropriate times, and sometimes performs many other functions depending on the sophistication of the repeater.